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Since we first opened in 1985, our ovens have been baking fresh cookies all day every day. We now have over 90 stores across the UK and in each of our kitchens you'll find a wide range of cookie treats, all made with Millie’s know-how by our friendly team.

All real, heart-warming, generous baked treats. We only use natural flavours in our products plus no hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners or additives!

We're currently open for take-away!

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Upper Peel Avenue

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  • Today: 11am - 7pm
  • Tomorrow: 11am - 7pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 7pm
  • Sunday: 12noon - 6pm
  • Monday: 12noon - 7pm
  • Tuesday: 12noon - 7pm
  • Wednesday: 12noon - 7pm

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