hidden disabilities

Find out how to make your trip easier

We understand that visiting a shopping centre can be a daunting experience for some of our customers with autism, dementia or those who need extra assistance, so we’re adding in new ways to help your visit and experience. We offer the following to our customers:

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Trafford Centre want to the be known as the accessible destination of choice, providing world class service to everyone who passes through our doors. To support that, we’ve introduced the use of lanyards featuring the Sunflower Emblem for any visitor with a hidden disability to use. This will allow both Trafford Centre staff and Retail staff to identify people who may need a little more help or just a little more time. These lanyards are available from our Guest Services Lounge on lower Regent Crescent or can be purchased here.

Assistance dogs

Like most public buildings, Trafford Centre welcomes assistance dogs. If your dog does not wear a high-vis jacket or harness, it is sometimes difficult for our staff to recognise the difference between assistance dogs and pets, which are not allowed in our centres.

To ensure a smooth shopping trip and make it easier for our staff to identify assistance dogs, please ensure you carry your accredited ID book so that we can assist.

You can also visit our customer information desk to collect a sunflower lanyard which enables our staff to identify your dog as an assistance dog whilst you are shopping with us. Shoppers are invited to keep this and use it whenever they are in the centre.

Our terms and conditions for assistance dogs are:

  • will not wander freely around the premises
  • will sit or lie quietly on the floor next to their owner
  • are unlikely to foul in a public place, designated areas are available outside the Centre
  • access to assistance dogs is on a one dog per handler basis

Autism, sensory or additional needs

We understand that for some people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC), sensory or additional needs a visit to a busy shopping centre can be a daunting experience. To help make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we'll be making simple steps to improve the shopping experience for our customers throughout the year including our helpful autism trained team.

Autism Guide

We have produced a guide for people with autism spectrum conditions. A copy can be collected from Guest Services Lounge or downloaded here

Accessible Toilets

All our toilets located in The Orient Food Court, lower Regent Crescent and upper Peel Avenue have dedicated disabled toilets including assisted change and shower facilities. RADAR keys can be obtained from our Guest Services Team. Please see here for our Centre map.

Disabled Parking

We have plenty of designated parking spaces in all the Centre car parks. Most are sites within easy reach of the main entrances. Centre Security personnel patrol the car parks and will deal with any parking abuse of the spaces set aside for customers with disabilities. Please see here for our Centre map.

Mobility Services

Wheelchairs and other mobility options are available to hire from the Guest Services Lounge on lower Regent Crescent. Find out more

Guest Services

Should you need any assistance in the Centre, please do not hesitate to contact one of our many trained staff at our Guest Services Lounge on lower Regent Crescent. Our staff carry notepads to assist with all disabilities and should you require a hearing loop, this can also be obtained in our Guest Services Lounge. Please see here for our Centre map.