True nourishment with wagamama

This spring, celebrate new nourishment with wagamama's brand-new bowls at Trafford Centre.

The philosophy at wagamama has remained the same since 1992.

True nourishment from bowl to soul. simply meaning good health where we start with what we put in our bellies. but stands for so much more.

wagamama believe it pays to be fussy about your food. because when you eat positively, you live positively.

That’s also why their 50% plant-based menu is created to make you feel soothed + inspired.

1. a base of noodles or rice to give you energy

2. quality protein, meat or vegan, + good fats to sustain you

3. an abundance of fresh crunchy vegetables to nourish you

4. spices, sauces + steaming broths to ignite your tastebuds

Their simple balanced soul food is made fresh every day in their open kitchens + has been since 1992. Join them on the bench for their new menu nourishment.

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