10 things you didn’t know about the design of The Trafford Centre…

1. We have the world's largest chandelier

The Great Hall entrance aka Five Guys and Las Iguanas is home to the world’s largest chandelier – so big it houses its own interior staircase! Made up of thousands of pieces of Chinese crystal, the chandelier measures 11m x 9m and weighs a hefty 5 ½ tons!

2. Our staircase is modelled on the one in the Titanic

The grand staircase underneath the chandelier is made of Chicken Red Marble from the Luoyong district of China and was modelled on the staircase on the Titanic.

3. We have a sculpture modelled on the Trafford Coat of Arms

Outside The Great Hall entrance you’ll find the Trafford Crest Sculpture consisting of a Roman Centurion, a griffin and a unicorn. The piece is based on various elements within the Trafford Coat of Arms and took 16 months to complete.

4. The Orient is the largest food court in Europe

The Orient is the largest food court in Europe and its design is based on an ocean liner visiting different areas of the world including China (Orient Way), Egypt (Pizza Hut to Boost), Europe (PizzaExpress to Pesto) and America (TGI Friday’s to Mardi Gras and Bill’s).

5. We have 12 constellations and the Milky Way on our ceiling 

The Orient’s ceiling has been modelled to resemble the sky with the colour changing from pink at dawn, blues in the afternoon and reds and purples at dust. Look up at night and you’ll see the brightest stars begin to twinkle, followed by the 12 constellations and then the stars of the Milky Way.

6. The palm trees are real

The palm trees on Peel Avenue are not only real, they are originally from California and are transported here with a short stint in Amsterdam to acclimatise.

7. The main dome is modelled on St Paul's Cathedral

The main dome by Selfridges is based on the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in London and can change colour from blue to green, yellow and red. Look at the floor by the main lifts and you’ll also find a buried time capsule from 1998.

8. The team who built the centre are depicted above Regent Crescent

The portraits above Regent Crescent (main dome to Debenhams) are the individuals involved in the original build including architects, artists, developers and designers.

9. We have miles and miles of brass

The centre contains 3.5 miles of brass which is cleaned every single night.

10. We were awarded "Loo of the Year' 17 years in a row

The centre’s 135 toilets and 60 urinals are cleaned and maintained so regularly that the centre has achieved a national award ‘Loo of the Year’ for 17 years in a row – a royal flush!

Did you know the main dome is modelled on the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in London?