Why sleep is the new self care

Pinterest’s trends report for 2021 predicts that sleep care is going to be the new self-care. We’ve all heard about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep –it's called beauty sleep for a reason after all – but getting enough sleep doesn’t just mean you’ll look better; it’s vital for overall health and wellbeing.

But let’s face it, trying to get to sleep amidst a worldwide pandemic isn’t as easy as putting on our favourite Primark PJs and counting sheep until we nod off.

So, how do we get more out of our bedtime routines for a deep and peaceful night’s sleep? From luxury nightwear to sleep devices to help you nod off, here’s what we’re going to try to ensure we kick off the new year with a more restful regime...

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Create a new bedtime routine

Rituals - Ritual of Jing

Whether it’s a hot shower, meditation or simply spraying your pillow with a relaxing sleep spray, sticking to a bedtime routine where you wind down and disconnect from the day can go a long way. To help get you started, beauty brand Rituals have created a whole range based on sleep called The Rituals of Jing.From calming shower gels to body sprays, products help promote a serene and tranquil feeling, producing a calmer state of mind.

Try some sleep technology

Lumie sleep lamp

We’ve all heard that looking at our phones before bed can impact our ability to get to sleep, but there are some tech devices out there that will help not hinder your mission for better sleep. Smart lighting (available at John Lewis) such as Philips Hue creates a calming environment with lots of different colours, and a slow fade to help soothe you to sleep. You could also invest in a daylight lamp such as Lumie (pictured above) which will wake you up in the morning with natural daylight at your chosen time. 

Sink into a silky sleep

Slip silk face masks

Renowned for its anti-ageing properties, silk is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to bedding and nightwear. A silk pillowcase (try celebrity favourite Slip, available at Selfridges) will create less friction as you sleep, improving creases on your skin and retaining more moisture in your hair and skin.  Alternatively,treat yourself to a luxurious pair of silk pyjamas or eye mask from The White Company.

Getting enough sleep doesn’t just mean you’ll look better; it’s vital for overall health and wellbeing

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