With so much to enjoy in life, protecting your future health is crucial. Keeping track of your health however isn’t always easy to do especially when faced with time pressures across a busy work and social life.  

At Randox Health we believe that regular review of your health data is key to understanding and maintaining good health and well-being.  That’s why each of our personalised, private health packages have been curated to provide you with real-time insights on your current health and future health risks.

Our popular Everyman | Everywoman 12-month health programme includes two full body health checks 6 months apart to help you track and improve your health data. Up to 150 data points linked to key health areas are measured during each visit, with access to unrivalled health data in this way you are empowered to make positive lifestyle changes to prevent future illness.  After each visit you will receive a personalised health plan summarising results and a follow up consultation with a scientific expert to discuss key findings and next steps.   

Whether you want to understand a specific health concern better, or learn more about your current health, Randox Health is for you.  

With our new clinic located at Trafford Centre it’s never been easier to take control of your health.  Start your journey with Randox Health today by visiting  Use code HEALTH22 for 10% off all health packages.  

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