Discover the exclusive 1667 fragrance at Indulge

Introducing 1667 La Collection Royale, the new unisex luxury fragrance collection made for royalty from the illusive 1667 brand available exclusively at Indulge Fragrances.

Inspired by French King Louis XIV, 1667 La Collection Royale has been crafted with only the finest materials. The fragrance enthusiast believed luxury was a necessity to position his monarchy as the most prestigious, and famously sprayed anyone who visited his palace with his favourite scents.

To bring some of that unparalleled luxury into 2021, the 1667 La Collection Royale is made of six Eau De Parfums, each one a powerful blend of rare ingredients fit for any King and Queen, in elegant refillable bottles.

They have a 25% concentration of high quality ingredients in the following fragrances:

  • Rouge
  • Rich Mandarin and Pepper
  • Citrus OUD
  • Midnight Amber
  • Smoked Wood
  • Honey Tobacco.

The 100ml bottle is £175. A refill facility is also available for you to fill your empty bottle or purchase a smaller 20ml bottle of the fragrance.

Discover your new favourite scent from 1667…

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