Keeping positive and healthy

January normally brings the promise of a fresh start, but you don’t need us to tell you that the start of this year feels more dreary than usual.

However, the one thing we can try to reign some control over right now is our own health and happiness. Whether it’s your physical or mental health, you deserve to make your own wellbeing a priority right now, so we’ve shared a few tips below to help you through the next few months.

Practice gratitude

Keeping a journal

Every morning or evening, spend a few minutes thinking about three things you are grateful for that day. These can be as big or small as you like, and you can write these down in a journal, your phone or just spend some time contemplating them in your mind. Practicing this as a daily ritual will train your brain to be more positive during these testing times.

Move your body!

Out walking in the snow

Whether you want to commit to more walks in the fresh air, or try an at-home workout, moving your body is a surefire way to keep both your mind and body in tip top condition.

Investing in a fitness tracker or smartwatch can help keep your goals in check. Commit to small, achievable goals, such as walking outdoors for thirty minutes a day.

A (local) walk outdoors is not only good for your body but being in nature and the change of scenery from your home will reduce the pressures of everyday lockdown life.


Woman talking on the phone

Technology means we’re more connected than ever, and yet it’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected whilst the world isn’t quite normal.

While the thought of another Zoom quiz might fill you with dread, make it a priority to check in with your friends, family or neighbours over the next few months.

Even if we can’t physically be with the ones we love right now, a simple message just to ask ‘how are you?’ or a long phone call with your best friend will ensure you remain close and connected to others.

Whether it’s your physical or mental health, you deserve to make your own wellbeing a priority right now.

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