Haute Dolci's new Made by You limited edition menu

Haute Dolci, located at the top of The Great Hall's magnificent staircase, offers a taste of paradise creating a huge range of sweet delights and magnificent masterpieces.

Now they're changing things up with their new limited edition takeaway menu where you get to create your own mouthwatering masterpiece from their Made by You menu. Here's how it works...

Start it

Choose you base from a selection of waffles, brownies, cookie dough, choux buns or french toast.

Drizzle it

Choose your sauce from some amazing flavours like ruby chocolate, white sapphire, lotus and of course classics like chocolate, raspberry toffee fudge.

Top it

Select two toppings (from a choice of no less than 25!) including choc popping candy, coconut shavings, oreo crumbs and caramelised almonds.

Finish it

Choose your gelato from flavours like madagascan vanilla, cookies & cream, salted caramel, Belgian chocolate and many more.

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