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The Trafford Centre, a shopaholics paradise and now; a chocoholics too! Haute Dolci® Manchester, located at the top of The Great Hall's magnificent stairway, offers a taste of paradise. Our talented designers have created a stunning Art-Deco style bar area with beautiful gold plated table lighting. Attractive cream and blue quilted seats with gleaming white marble tiles conjure up an oceanic setting which oozes glamour and charisma.

This creativity and seduction effortlessly inspires our kitchen’s culinary skills, creating a huge range of sweet delights and magnificent masterpieces. Take a break from enjoying the endless shops and submerge yourself in pure sweet delight.

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Upper Orient at the top of The Great Hall staircase

Opening times

  • Today: 12noon - 10pm
  • Tomorrow: 11am - 10pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 6pm
  • Monday: 12noon - 10pm
  • Tuesday: 12noon - 10pm
  • Wednesday: 12noon - 10pm
  • Thursday: 12noon - 10pm

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