Website Accessibility

The Trafford Centre aims to provide a website that is accessible to a wide audience. Access to the website may be suspended temporarily and without notice if we need to maintain or repair the site for reasons beyond our control.

Browser compatibility

The site displays correctly in all major browsers on both Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. The site uses valid standards compliant HTML 5 and CSS code.


To help users, consistent navigation is provided throughout the site, along with a search function.

Visual design

We are making great efforts to ensure that all electronic information on this website is accessible to people with disabilities. Our pages are designed to a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and can also be viewed at other resolutions. All pages on the website use cascading style sheets for visual layout to separate content from presentation. You can go to the BBC My Web My Way guide to find out more about how to adjust the browser settings for your computer.

Access keys

A conscious effort has been made to avoid the use of access keys, as the development of assistive technologies (i.e. Jaws) has increased to the point where we would not want to interfere/override their built in shortcuts.


If you have any feedback or queries regarding the accessibility of this site, please get in touch.

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